2017 Annual “Walk For Our Kids”

Event Information

When: Sat., April 29th, 2017

Time: 8 - 10 am

Where: Springfield Mall

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Join us for food, fun, and entertainment. This is a great chance for individuals, families, and the community to get together to help make a tremendous difference in the lives of those with Down Syndrome

Our Ongoing goals for the DSIG include:
  1. Providing resource books, literature, and support to all the new families entering our group in 2017.
  2. Providing scholarship funding to the parents and children with Down Syndrome so they may attend conferences and seminars or (1) group sponsored conference.
  3. Providing social events for people with Down Syndrome & their families.
  4. Providing family support to families when their children need to be hospitalized due to illness.
  5. Providing monthly meetings to continue to help families to become more aware of ways that they can help their child reach their full potential.
  6. Spreading positive awareness of the gifts and talents that people with Down Syndrome have to offer to society!
  7. Sponsor participants for an “iCan Shine” Bike Camp in the Summer of 2017.
About Down Syndrome...

A person with Trisomy 21, commonly known as Down Syndrome, has one extra chromosome in each of the child’s millions of cells. Instead of 46 chromosomes, he/she has 47. Down Syndrome is the most commonly occurring chromosomal condition, occurring in 1 out of every 691 births. There are more than 400,000 people living with Down Syndrome in the United States. Down Syndrome occurs in all races, ethnic groups, and socio-economic classes. It can happen to anyone!
Because chromosomes and the genetic material they carry play a large part in determining the child’s characteristics, this extra chromosome will effect the child’s life. His/her appearance may be a bit different from other children, he or she may have some unique medical problems and he/she will likely have some degree of cognitive impairment. The severity of any of these problems vary tremendously from child to child. Each child with Down Syndrome is unique with his/her own personality, talents and thoughts. There are few absolutes governing the baby’s destiny; like other children, the child is an individual and will grow to become a distinct personality.

"Remember, friends don't let friends count chromosomes!"

2014 Parent Testimonial

Helping to Make a Difference

Please join us in thanking the corporations and families who have become sponsors of the “Walk for Our Kids”
A Special Thanks to:

A “Friend of DSIG”
Quattro Cafe
Larry Robinson & Sons Builders Contractors Inc.
MSI Tool Repair & Supply
Steamfitters’ Local Union 420 United Association
Haggerty’s Landscape & Design, LLC
Genesis Engineers, Inc.
Neumann University
Joseph A. Ward Funeral Home, Inc.
Prosthetic Innovations
Cimino Properties, LLC
James M. Tyler, Attorney At Law
Delphinus Engineering, Inc.
With Love for Daniel
Kohl’s Care
Executive Builders & Remodelers, LLC
In Loving Memory of Madeline “Dolly” Mullin
In Loving Memory of Bernice Zavitsky
In Loving Memory of Frank Acquarola
BeneServ Corporate Benefit Services, Inc.
Advocare Children’s Medical Associates
Jennifer Kearney Photography
De LaSalle String Band Orchestra
Makin’ Music
Nuss Printing, Inc.
Springfield Mall
Starbucks Coffee-Springfield and Media
Pepsi Cola
Center City Pretzel Co., Inc.
Faux Tale Gourmet Cooking
Shop Rite-Collins Markets, Eddystone, PA
Bannister Family
Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Broomall
Bruno Family
Marie Califano
Julia Cavicchio
Dietz & Watson Co.
Lorraine Gro-Johnson
Hamilton Family
Hoyle Family
Kelly’s Kandy and Nuts, Collingdale, PA
Lancellotti Family
Linvilla Orchards
Cathy Ludwick
Lynch Family
Carl, Fran & Jacqueline MacMullett
Kevin & Cosette MacMullett and Family
Kim MacMullett
Maggiano’s Restaurant, King of Prussia, PA
Jay and Tina Maguire
Rosemary Mele
Muzekari Family
Oakes Family
Ryan Family
Nick and Paulann Sabatino, INKWELL Tattoo, Upper Darby
Salon Bellissima, Springfield, PA
Schiller Family
Scudder Family
Stampin’ Up!
Alisha Tillman, Gainor Road Soap Co.
Torrelli Family
Tyler Family
Valentino’s Restaurant, Broomall, PA
Ventura Family

A special “Thank You” to all of our DSIG families and friends who helped to make the 2015 “Walk for Our Kids” such a huge success!