DSIG Digital Directory

One of our DSIG members, Kelsey Mango, approached the DSIG Board about wanting to do a DSIG Digital Directory for members of DSIG to help members feel connected to each other and act as a tool for members to be in touch with each other if they have questions about schools, doctors or health issues, therapies, etc.  This was actually something that DSIG members had been asking for, so we are thrilled that Kelsey will be taking on this task.  Once this digital directory is completed, it will be available to paid members of DSIG.  Here is a sample of the digital page that Kelsey has completed for her family so you can get an idea of what it will look like when it is finished


If you are a paid member of DSIG and would like to have your family profile included, please provide the information requested in the link below and e-mail it to Kelsey at [email protected]


Thanks again to Kelsey for taking on this great project!  We appreciate your creativity and your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing the finished product!

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