Special Olympics Soccer

Delaware County PA Special Olympics Soccer – 3rd Season

A program catered towards the junior (5-12 years of age) age bracket heads into its third season with strong momentum behind it. While a similar program existed prior to that, it was disbanded for a year before being restarted three years ago. The program was small when it was re-started: 3-4 children participating on a given week. Last year however things took off: 10+ children were common each week, allowing for a ton of group fun. Team uniforms and pictures then capped the season by year end and everyone involved is very excited for the upcoming season!


The program is relaxed and informal but lots of fun. Roughly half of each weekly session is spent doing individual drills. Drills like “Red Light Green Light”, “Snake Pit”, and “Follow the Leader” are common – all fun themed drills that teach fundamental skills at the same time. The remaining half of each session is spent playing a group scrimmage game – parents and kids are always welcome to participate, and somehow the outcome always defies basic math, as both teams are declared winners!


Entering the third season coaches Chris Goldkamp and Joe Vasko are hoping to make this the biggest campaign yet – with the goal of having enough children to set up 3-4 player teams at the beginning of the season and creating an informal mini-league. Logistics are the same – Thursday nights at the Rocky Run YMCA starting in August (exact start date and time being worked out at this point). If anyone is interested in participating, the coaches and other children will be thrilled to see you come out and join – please contact Chris at 610-209-7631 or [email protected], and he’ll help with the logistics required for inclusion (ie. Medical forms, etc.).

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