Article on Chris Burke

Below is the link for an article about Chris Burke and his family which appeared in the Delaware County Daily Times recently.  Chris was originally a Delco native and has moved back to the area with his parents.  You might know him as the young man with Down syndrome who played “Corky” on the TV […]

Nate Seagraves

Congrats Grads!

Congratulations to all of our DSIG 2014 Graduates!  Hats off to all of you for a life full of happiness and adventure! If you have a photo of your 2014 graduate that you would like to share with the group, please send it to Patty.  Above is a photo of one of our graduates, Nate […]

Watch Danny's Story

An Unexpected Gift

Today is the 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the annual march to Washington to oppose the legalization of abortion.  You probably won’t hear much about it in the news because the event doesn’t get much press. Colleen and Ed Lynch’s son, Danny, was born with Down syndrome. God gave Ed and I a wonderful […]

The Mulligans

Family Profile – Milligan Family

Helen and Mark Milligan What was your immediate response in realizing Aidan had Down Syndrome? Mark: I wasn’t prepared for that as a possible outcome, and so my reaction was one of shock at first, but then Aidan was about to go into surgery for a pretty significant thing, so while the diagnosis was a […]


Family Pride – Josh

Our son, Joshua, was born 13 years ago, and little did we know the gift God had given to our family. Josh was born with Down Syndrome, which left us wondering what to expect. We decided to set aside any preconceived ideas, and believe that Josh could go beyond all expectations. He has proven us […]


Family Pride – Ellie

Ellie Bartoli – Lose The Training Wheels Camp My daughter Ellie is 13 years old with Down Syndrome. She has two younger siblings who have learned to ride a bike. My wife and I have tried to teach her to ride her bike but have not been able to do so.   When the announcement […]


Family Pride – Nate

My pride story spans seven years – actually seven snowy winters. We are a skiing family and one of our goals was to have Nate join his brother Dylan, sister Annie and his parents on family ski trips and actually hit the slopes.   My husband Jeff and I had taught Annie and Dylan to […]


The Forever Friends Show

Forever Friends is a unique and exciting new inclusive children’s show targeted for kids ages 2-7. It stars Chris Burke, the actor with Down syndrome best know as “Corky” on the hit ABC-TV series “Life Goes On” and Joe and John DeMasi. Forever Friends brings a message of love, friendship and inclusion as children follow Chris, Joe and John, their […]


Delaware Cheerleaders Embrace Special Teammate

Brian Taff from ABC News recently published a story on the 6ABC news site that featured Rachel Rhea from Newark High School. Rachel has Down Syndrome, a fact that in many places might have meant she wouldn’t have gotten a chance to be on the high school cheerleading squad. But THIS high school team saw […]


Ronald Nagel – Local Swim Hero & Special Olympian

Ronald Nagel, son of Mr. and Mrs Nagel, is featured in this inspiring piece published in the Marple Newtown Patch. The article talks about his life long love of swimming and his achievements with the Marple Newtown Swim Team. You can view the entire article here.


Family Pride – Paul Bishar

On July 14, 2011 my sister and I joined a group of people from our church to go to help build and fix up houses for Habitat for Humanity in Ripley, West Virginia. It took all day to drive there, on the way in our rented van we got to know each other. Some people […]


Family Pride – David

My son David Perry is a high school football player. He’s stocky and strong, very social and respected by his peers. David also happens to have Down Syndrome.   Our neighbor always told him that he was “built to play football.” As David’s transition to ninth grade and the local high school approached, I asked […]


Down Syndrome Creed

The Creed of Children with Down Syndrome Below is an inspiring poem, penned by an unknown author, that eloquently describes a life long struggle for children with Down Syndrome. “My face may be different But my feelings the same. I laugh and I cry And I take pride in my gains. I was sent here […]


Family Profile – Stafford Family

KATRINA AND SAMUEL STAFFORD “We were told that he could never learn and had to be trained.” Three years ago Katrina Stafford’s life turned down a road that she and her husband Samuel weren’t prepared to travel and left them wondering which way to go. Katrina, a native of Northern Ireland, moved to the U.S. […]