About Us

Board of Directors

President - Patty White
Treasurer - Yuhanna Bishar
Event Coordinator - Megan Califano
Board Member - Shirley Bishar

Who is DCDSIG?

The Delaware County Down Syndrome Interest Group (DSIG) was formed in 1990 by a group of families touched by Down Syndrome, and we are dedicated to living successfully. We believe our childrens' futures are bright. We reject the notion that a diagnosis of Down Syndrome predetermines a person's value or future. We strive to promote professional and public awareness and encourage inclusion for those with Down Syndrome. We are a 501(c) non-profit corporation and our work is made possible by funding from our member dues, public donations and an annual walk-a-thon.

Our Mission Statement

• To reach out to expectant and new parents of a child with Down Syndrome in the manner of Parent to Parent. • To be supportive of and provide social interaction for people with Down Syndrome, their families, friends and acquaintances. • To aid and challenge each family to constantly evaluate and re-think how new ideas, information and technology may help or affect their child with Down Syndrome. • To educate the general public by assisting members of our community in learning to see people with disabilities as people, not as their disability. • As a group, we respect individual choices regarding the education, living arrangements and employment choices made by the individual members of the group. We recognize that each family is doing their best to provide for their child and that no one knows their child better that they do themselves.

New/Expecting ParentsThere are a vast number of resources available to new/expecting parents on our site.

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